Five vintage businesses in San Antonio, TX

Tightwad Thrift is located at 3322 S Presa St Ste B. | 📸: @tightwadthrift

It’s back-to-school season, meaning it’s time to update your wardrobe + elevate your personal style. Instead of shopping at a retail store, opt to buy at a second-hand or vintage store. 

Shoppers benefit from buying in many ways:

  • First, it’s eco-friendly, meaning you are lengthening the “life” of an article of clothing.
  • Second, there are higher chances of finding unique pieces that’ll help you stand out from your peers (call it gatekeeping your fave outfit). 
  • Third, you’d be directly supporting local businesses

Here’s a list of five of the trendiest thrift + vintage shops in San Antonio: 

  • Hello Tallulah | Shop a specially curated collection of vintage clothing + grab some classic pieces for 20% off this entire week in celebration of back to school. 
  • Sundown Vintage | This Etsy store offers vintage finds for both casual and formal wear + this Friday Sundown Vintage will be selling at OFFERING from 5-10 p.m.  
  • Tightwad Thrift | High-quality second-hand clothing ranging from tops and bottoms + be sure to check out the $1 section.
  • MINT Vintage| Find groovy accessories perfect for tying together an outfit + browse the selection of colorful home decor. 
  • Divine Sunshine | Explore fashion through the decades at this vintage shop selling clothes, home decor, jewelry, and stickers.