Five food challenges in San Antonio, TX

This burger will make you say OMG. | 📸 : @chicagoontexas

Bon Appétit — We love dishing out fun convos on our favorite eats around the city

But today, we thought we’d share some of our picks for those with insatiable appetites and a hunger for the extreme.

We’re sharing five food challenges around the city with our readers. 

The Lord’s Kitchen’s 3lb Burger Challenge | The Lord’s Kitchen, 118 Seguin St. | Time limit: 30 min | $20 | Prize: free t-shirt + picture on Wall of Fame.

  • Do you have what it takes to eat (not one, not two, but) three 1 lb patties of beef served in a massive hamburger served with an order of french fries? 

Chunky’s Four Horsemen Burger Challenge | Chunky’s Burgers & More, 4602 Callaghan Rd. | Time limit: 25 min to eat + 5 min waiting period | $22 | Prize: Picture on the Wall of Fame.

  • Dubbed “the hottest burger on the planet”, this challenge is only for those with a seriously strong stomach for spice. If the liability waiver isn’t enough to make you think twice, here’s a video you can watch of Adam Richman from “Man v. Food” taking on the beast.

Poppys Pizza’s 28-Inch “Big Poppy” Team Pizza Challenge | Poppy’s Pizza, 7115 Blanco Rd. Suite 107 | Time limit: 28 Minutes | $40 | Prize: free meal, free t-shirt, team photo on Wall of Fame, and $50 gift certificate. 

  • Bring a friend and tag-team this beast of a pizza. Complete the 28-inch supreme pizza and walk out a legend. 

Original Mexican Restaurant’s “El Cholo Loco” Burrito Challenge | The Original Mexican Restaurant & Bar, 528 Riverwalk | Time limit: 30 min | $34 | Prize: free meal + a photo on the Wall of Fame.

  • As written on the menu, this gigantic Cholo Loco burrito weighing in at a whopping 6.5 lbs is not for the faint of heart. 

Armadillo’s 3lb Burger Challenge | Armadillo’s Texas Style Burgers, 1423 McCullough Ave. | Time limit: One sitting | $24 | Prize: free t-shirt + serious bragging rights. 

  • Armadillo’s continues to prove that everything’s bigger in Texas with a burger so big you’ll need a knife. 

Bonus: while this is not technically a challenge, we have to give an honorable mention to Big Lou’s 42” pizza (the largest in Texas). This monster can easily feed a small little league baseball team — let that sink in.