What would you do with an extra day in SA?

This year is a leap year and we asked our readers how they would spend the extra day, here’s what they said.

Red and white calendar blocks spelling out February 29.

Let’s celebrate Leap Day 2024.

Graphic by SATXtoday

It’s 2024, and we have a special February that only comes around once every four years. That’s right, we’re talking about Leap Year. Instead of the traditional 28 days, we are treated with 29. This is due to the Earth not quite taking exactly 365 days to revolve around the sun — it is actually 365.25 days.

With this additional day, we got to know you, our readers, a little bit better and how you want to spend the extra day.

What readers would do

Reader Danielle W. plans to go on a five-mile hike with her huskies and then come home to eat some conchas from La Panaderia.


We think Mr. G would find Amor Eterno the perfect place to go to in the evening.

Mr. G thinks he’ll clean up the house but will end up watching Netflix instead. Then he’ll have brunch with his friends, visit a speakeasy in the evening, and ending the day with referring his friends to subscribe to SATXtoday. Good choice.

An anonymous reader said that they are spending the day with their son, Björn, because it’s his birthday. Happy birthday Björn.

Leap Day Events

Check out these leap day events happening Thursday, Feb. 29 around the Alamo City.

The Japanese Tea Garden

Dig into a dinner at the Japanese Tea Garden.

Photo by SATXtoday team

Dinner in the Garden | Various times | Jingu House, 3853 N. Saint Mary’s St. | $165+ | Bring a party of three to six people and enjoy a five-course dinner. Splitting the check six ways sounds cost effective to us.

Wine and Dine Dinner | 7 p.m. | Copa Wine Bar, 19141 Stone Oak Pkwy Ste. 704 | $75 | Come hungry + thirsty and indulge in a four-course meal with wine pairings.

Leap Day Laffs | 7:30-10 p.m. | Upstage Comedy Lounge, 4441 Walzem Rd. | Free | Laugh out loud at this funny show featuring local comics.

Need more things to do? Check out our trusty events calendar.