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Hit the pedals for Bike to Work Day in San Antonio

Learn about the community initiative as well as what the city is doing to improve biking accessibility.


It’s time to celebrate Bike to Work Day in the Alamo City with your colleagues and friends.

Photo by the City of San Antonio

Clip on those helmets, wrap those knee pads, and lace up those tennis shoes because this is all about pedal power. San Antonians are gearing up to celebrate Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 17 across the Alamo City. We’re here to explain the day and how our city is getting involved.

What’s Bike to Work Day?

As the name suggests, the occasion highlights + celebrates alternative (and green) modes of transportation by biking to work. It’s part of a larger initiative — National Bike Month — which takes place during May.

Where do I ride?

You can ride your bike to work along a safe path or bring your trusty two-wheeler to the downtown area to hit all 12 Energizer Stations. Each installation offers educational materials, breakfast items, and the chance to win prizes along your commute.


Take a look at the Energizer Stations throughout downtown San Antonio and decide which one’s to visit.

Graphic by Alamo Area National Bike Month

Looking to join a group of cycling enthusiasts year round? Give these community groups a look.

San Antonio’s Bike Network Plan

Since 2000, over 400 additional miles of bike facilities have been built in the Alamo City — adding ~16 new miles each year. 7.9% of households in the city lack access to a vehicle, leaving alternative modes of transportation as the only option.

The city’s Bike Network Plan aims to create a network of safe + comfortable bike facilities like trails, bike lanes, and crossings. Get involved today by sharing your thoughts on San Antonio’s biking future via a survey.


Visit an Energizer Station in downtown for some freebies along your bike commute.

Photo by the City of San Antonio

So saddle up the ‘ol Trek, grab your water bottle, and take your downtown commute to the green level by participating in Bike to Work Day.

Did you know the 210 has a bike score? Check out the full breakdown.